No Shortcuts, Half-jobs, or Easy Rides

Experience our comprehensive clinical approach which covers every aspect of organised psychotherapy, from documented needs assessment, to defined program goals, to resident on-boarding, to care delivery and progress reporting.

Facility Onboarding Process

New Song works with your staff to structure an effective, internal referral program. Certified therapists evaluate candidates through needs assessment.

A placement validation stage ensures that programs will fit the comfort and abilities of accepted participants. On admittance, a formal care plan is documented for each person.

Documentation Management

We document weekly patient care progress reports and on-site performance audits which are securely entered on-site into your existing EMR software platforms, such as WellBe, Point Click Care, MDS, or ActivityPro.

Deliverable Benefit

Our signature programs make it easier for new residents to transition into homes, mitigate adverse behaviours from negative self-perception, and interrupt cycles that lead to physical and emotional decline.

Competitive Advantage

New Song thrives on a spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence that will reflect positively on your brand.

We provide an unmatched therapy experience that both attracts prospects and enhances perceptions of facility standards of care.

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