We All Need Somebody To Lean On

Test Thyra Andrews offers trusted, individualised mentoring opportunities that give you privileged access to a deep well of clinical expertise, business practice experience, and useful advice to help you resolve obstacles and achieve your goals.

Each situation is unique, so we tailor mentorship engagements to meet your specific needs. To schedule your first consultation, call (+1) 416-779-0771 and we'll guide you on a path to success.

Professional Supervision

Whether you're managing a complex clinical challenge, working through an ethics situation, or needing inspiration to rediscover your passion for excellence, Thyra provides confidential professional supervision rooted in respectful listening.

Thyra will guide you to identify positive options, unlock effective solutions, and learn new techniques that tap your potential for greatness.

Pratice Development

If you're looking for an experienced mentor to share proven approaches to business management issues, starting up a new practice for the first time, or looking for ways to reduce stress before you burnout, Thyra delivers valuable professional insights through customised consulting to help your practice excel.

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